Day 21 of 30 – It’s Weigh Day and time to look at your Motivation

Firstly, I  hope you have lost weight and I hope that whatever you’ve lost, you are happy with it.    Don’t waste energy on “It should have been more”.   It is what it is, you can’t change the past, but you can change the future!    Negative self talk will not help you succeed!   Write in your journal what you have learnt up to now.  What are you really proud of?

For now, let’s focus on motivation.    Have you heard people saying “I’ve lost my motivation”?  Perhaps you’ve thought it yourself today.   It’s as if motivation is  some magical “thing” that you’ve either got or you haven’t.

The truth is that there are different types of motivation and it constantly shifts.   If you are not feeling it, you need to read this post and then have a look at capturing yours.     Continue reading “Day 21 of 30 – It’s Weigh Day and time to look at your Motivation”

Day 20 of 30 – If your body could talk right now, it would be doing a Whoooop Whoooop!


So you are 20 days in – two thirds of the way!    Congratulations!   What a great achievement!

Tomorrow is your 3rd weigh day and I wonder what is going through your mind.  I’m guessing that your focus is pretty much all about that little number that comes up on the scale – like it is life or death, like your whole self worth is affected by it and it determines your entire future!   I get it.  I’m human.  I know the feeling!

But I don’t want you to discount what’s going on inside you.  Continue reading “Day 20 of 30 – If your body could talk right now, it would be doing a Whoooop Whoooop!”

Day 19 of 30 – Do you know what triggers your overeating?

We all have trigger foods and trigger situations or emotions which could lead us to overeat.   Most of us may have an idea of what they are but a great way to find out is to keep a Mood and Food diary for long enough to see a pattern.

If you are trying to eat healthily or following a specific diet, each time you find yourself lapsing, turn it into a learning experience by jotting down the following;

  • where were you?
  • who were you with?
  • what was happening?
  • day of the week?
  • time of day?
  • was there any particular emotion involved?  ie. were you angry, frustrated etc.

Continue reading “Day 19 of 30 – Do you know what triggers your overeating?”

Day 18 of 30 – That take away is out to get you!

I’ll get in early in the day in the hopes that I can stop you from succumbing to temptation this evening!

More people give up a diet on a Friday night than any other time!    Let me help you understand why.

Think about the reason why you generally buy take outs on a Friday night.  It’s usually because you are really tired for a start so it saves you having to stop at the store, buy the food and then cook it all the while putting up with the kids who are grumpy and fighting because they are tired.    Then it’s because you sit with the food and a glass of wine or beer and……r   e    l      a       x.    Because the couple of glasses of alcohol have relaxed you, you become giggly and a little frisky and goodness gracious, you and partner indulge in some great sex instead of the usual argument!     Can you see the “association” building up?  Takeaways and wine soon = relaxation, fun, feeling full, feeling satisfied and the weekend is here!   The longer you’ve been doing take away Friday, the longer the brain has set a neural pathway.

It soon gets to a point where, if you don’t have the take aways, you may actually find yourself feeling really irritable and not understanding why.   You are changing the neural pathway and the brain is not happy!

I’m sure you know that takeaways and wine are keeping you overweight and if you are serious about losing weight, the take aways at the very least have to go.    You need to find a new way to tackle Friday nights.     My advice to you to navigate this change is;

  •  Understand from above what’s likely to happen and accept it.
  • Try and have a meal ready as you walk through the door.  ie. have something in the slow cooker that will smell gorgeous and that you can get onto the table for the whole family in the least possible time.     If you can’t do that,  buy a pre-cooked chicken and quick roast veg tray from the supermarket.
  • Drink your drink, even if it’s sparkling water from a wine or champagne glass
  • Do something relaxing after dinner like lying in a bath with a couple of cups of Epsom salts thrown in and a great book to read.

Let me know how it goes!

Day 17 of 30 – Don’t focus on the end. Focus on today.

If you constantly have your eye on your end goal, you are going to make your journey so much harder than it needs to be.   Yes it can be good to have the goals, the graphs and the projections,  but you can jeopardise everything by making them more important than what’s happening today!

In Alcoholic’s Anonymous, they have a great mantra which says “Just for today“.  There’s a very good reason psychologically.  If you tell an alcoholic they are never ever in their life ever able to have a drink again, the idea of quitting becomes overwhelming.    If you tell them that they have to stop drinking “just for today”, it feels frightening but a  lot more manageable.  That’s why they count the days, because every day sober gets them closer to the never again.   And it works!
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Day 16 of 30 – A helpful technique to change those unhelpful thoughts.

When you have a negative thought overwhelm you like “I can’t do this”, catch it, challenge it and then change it!     If you don’t, you will give up and sink back into the failure cycle.

To start with, catching it means, becoming aware of it.   The vast majority of thoughts we have are out of our awareness.   They happen and we sub-consciously respond without ever stopping to question it.    If we are an overeater, the chances are, we respond by eating instead of addressing the emotion.  Continue reading “Day 16 of 30 – A helpful technique to change those unhelpful thoughts.”

Day 15 of 30 – Your intelligence will not make you thin!

You can know all there is to know about the body, how it works, what you should feed it, know all about how, when and why to do exercise …… and be fat!  In fact I’ve had quite a few doctors and nurses come to me for help to lose weight!    They are far more qualified than I will ever be!   Why am I able to help them?

Because weight loss is about;

  • Learning to listen to your body
  • Learning to handle your emotions
  • Learning how to change the things that are holding you back
  • Allocating time to YOU as a priority, even if it’s just for a while.

With credit to the wonderful Helen Golstein,

If you say you know, but you don’t do, you don’t know“.

14 of 30 – Is it a whooop whoooop Weigh day?

Well let me start by asking 2 things; Are you still with us? Have you lost 1lb or more? If the answer is Yes to both, Congratulations!!!Yes, but” I hear some of you starting. No BUTS!!!! You are still here and you’ve lost more than one pound, so something has changed for the better and that’s a positive result. Now the key is what to do with it! Jump to my third paragraph.

If the answer is no, I presume you will be doing what you “normally” do – berate yourself, feel ashamed, angry and contemplate giving up. How about changing that unproductive, trapping cycle of thoughts? Continue reading “14 of 30 – Is it a whooop whoooop Weigh day?”

Day 13 of 30. Beware of the Boredom Blues!

Many people find Sundays a particularly hard day to stick to their diet. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one I hear is boredom. Aren’t we strange? We eat because we are so busy and stressed during the week then eat because we are bored!    It’s as if the boredom leaves a big hole in your body that only food can fill!    It’s totally illogical.

Understand that feeling this way is very common, it’s out of our awareness, you are normal and many others will be feeling the same way as you today.

A lot of people find dieting whilst they’re at work a lot easier because they are distracted and busy but also because there is structure to the day. Sundays are the opposite!

The key to success is to change your thinking. Continue reading “Day 13 of 30. Beware of the Boredom Blues!”