We’ve all done them!!! Classic Diet Dilemmas….

Let’s have a giggle today and laugh at the silly things we do when trying to lose weight.

1 Before you get started, usually on a Monday!, you go out for “the last supper”. So let’s look at this logically. You are overweight and you say you don’t want to be. So you go out the night before you start a diet, eat rubbish which makes you even fatter and gives you more weight to lose!! Are you assuming that because you are going on a diet that you are not going to eat anything nice ever again? Hmmmmmm.

2 You go to diet group and are thrilled (and surprised!) to find out you’ve lost a pound. You go out with all your group mates to the local fish and chip shop to celebrate. You might be laughing, but I’ve heard this a million times and we all do it!

3 I’ve had clients ask me if they can have their group / weigh in on a Friday night instead of a Monday night. On digging to find out why, the answer was “it gives me the week to lose the weight I’ve gained on the weekend”. So guess what I said! Monday night it is then because if you are serious about wanting to lose weight, you need to do that every day of the week otherwise you will never get there.

4 How about “I have to eat it because I’ve paid for it”. I know so many people who will go on a diet before going on an all in cruise just so they can feel that they’ve eaten what they’ve paid for. Those cruise liners are very clever!! Did it ever occur to you that you can never eat what you’ve paid for? Otherwise those cruise liners would not make any money.

5 Eating in secret. Isn’t it weird! We assume because nobody knows we have done it, that it won’t affect the scale!

Can you think of any that you’ve done? Please share them here as the more we recognise, the more it will help us to change.

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