Day 24 of 30 – Lapse or Learning Opportunity?

If you’ve made it this far without a lapse, well done you!   Keep going and do share with us what has helped you keep your focus.

To start with, let me clarify that a Lapse is when you don’t do what you planned or intended to do.    It’s not the same as when you know you have a dinner in a week and you fully intend to break your diet for that night.

Let’s face it, if you have for example, 3 stone to lose, you are going to be on diet for a minimum of 3 months and it’s almost guaranteed that you will have a lapse at some stage.      They happen when;

  1. You have to take someone to hospital unexpectedly, are there for hours and the only food is the junk in the vending machine.
  2. You  go away for a business conference and every food they provide is not on your plan
  3. You go out for dinner and despite checking the menu in advance, choosing a compliant meal and drinking water, a loud and tipsy person at the table draws uncomfortable attention to the fact you are the “only one not having a pudding”.  You give in to save embarrassment for the others.

The key thing about a LAPSE is to learn something from it.

Firstly, it serves absolutely no purpose to be angry, annoyed, resentful and ashamed.   It’s happened, you can’t change it so let it go and move on.

Look at the situation and see what you can learn from it.     Here are some suggestions;

  1. Learn to always carry portable food.    Ie.  Always have a little container of nuts or a piece of fruit with you.
  2. Next time, find out in advance what food they will have, tell them in advance for health reasons you need certain food and ask for it to be arranged.
  3. Work on being more assertive.    Trust me, you can shut a person down with just a look!    Or put up your hand (setting a boundary) and say “thanks but I won’t be having one”.   Or be creative, take the pudding and quietly move it around the plate or pass it on to a helpful partner to eat for you.

To keep the weight you have lost off permanently, the behaviour change is actually much more important than what you have lost.   It stays with you forever and you expand your comfort zone just that little bit.   Result!

What tough situations have you been in when you’ve succumbed when you really didn’t want to?

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