Day 25 of 30 – Stop those Demands. They don’t help you!


When you say things to yourself like “I have to stick to this diet”,  how do you feel?    Pressure!     Pressure is likely to make you give up!

Change that statement to “I choose to stick to this diet”, how does that feel?  Empowering huh!    A simple statement can literally be the difference between success and giving up!

You visit a friend for tea and with your cuppa, she offers a plate of your favourite biscuits and by default you reply “I shouldn’t“.     That feels like deprivation to me.    Now change it to, “I’d love a couple but I’m going to choose not too today”.    Doesn’t that feel awesome?

When you say “I neeeed“, it sounds like a desperate plead.    When you say “I choose“, it sounds like you are in control and have the power.

Remember that our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all linked.   If you can change the way you think to be more empowering and uplifting, you will build resilience and achieve your goals!

What unhelpful thoughts could you change for the better?



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