Day 29 of 30 – Your reasons for starting may not be your reasons for finishing!

As you come to the end of your 30 day challenge, you should be feeling more “in control” than you did the day before you started.

Sometimes people wonder which came first – the out of control eating or the out of control life!   One thing is for sure, if your life feels chaotic and overwhelming, it’s very likely that your eating will feel chaotic and overwhelming.

The sad fact is that life is unfair.   Life throws a lot of stuff at us that we have absolutely no control over and the consequence is that often, our good intentions to eat healthily go out of the window very quickly.    The result is that on top of all the life events you have to manage, you will have all the self loathing that comes from gaining weight on top of it.

Perhaps I can invite you to flip the belief totally on it’s head.     Now that you have had 29 days of focused healthy eating, you’ve experienced what it takes to plan, shop, cook and stick to a regime.   It you could extend that and remain “in control” of what you put in your mouth, I think you will find that what life throws at you becomes a little easier to deal with.     As some successful dieters say, “It’s the only thing I have any control over”.

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