No excuse is a good excuse.

When people mention your weight, do you hear yourself saying “I’ve got PCOS”, “I’ve got an underactive thyroid” etc etc as if that gives you an excuse to remain overweight?

I’m not preaching from my perch here – I have fibromyalgia  and more recently a parathyroid tumour and I’ve struggled terribly with losing my weight!     For the first time in 20 years I was 100% sticking to healthy, real, home cooked food every day as well as exercising, yet some clients were losing at twice the rate I was so I know what it’s like!

My point here is that some medical conditions and disabilities do make it harder for the overweight to lose it BUT, it’s a biological formula! Get the right formula and you HAVE TO lose weight.    Nobody is an exception.      It is possible that you you may need to try different programs, cut out foods because of sensitivities etc etc but once on the right one, you will lose!    But the key is that the very fact you have a label or condition, is the very reason you need to find the very best nutrition for you body.

Recognise that for you it may take longer, if possible find some very supportive people to keep encouraging you, or even better doing the diet and exercise with you.   If you can’t find or afford personal support, find a good online group, or join my free forum.

Don’t allow your condition to turn you into a victim. You deserve to have a happy body and live the happiest life possible despite your condition. The only person who can make that happen is you!     

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