Are you really sure you want to lose weight and gain health?

Over the years I have heard hundreds of people tell me that more than anything else in life they want to lose weight. They sob from the bottom of their hearts and say how much they hate being overweight and I can feel their sincerity.

Then when I suggest what they need to do, it’s a different story!

Let’s take diet drinks for example. Loads of people feel quite certainly that because they have diet as opposed to full fat drinks they are doing something healthy and that the diet drinks will help them lose weight and achieve health. For loads of sad reasons, they won’t.

What about giving up biscuits? There are some people who honestly want to try and lose weight whilst still having a couple of biscuits each week. The two are simply not compatible. You cannot have one without losing the other! Until you accept that, you cannot and will not move forward.

And how about bread? If your diet allows it and it works for you then great, but assuming you have chosen a program that does not allow bread, if you keep bargaining with yourself in your head, you are setting yourself up a very tough ride and eventually failure.

If you are feeling really annoyed right now, I get it! I am still working through the advice I’ve been given loads of times by loads of really educated professionals that because of the inflammation caused by fibromyalgia, I need to give up dairy. I have been working my way through anger to acceptance for over a year! I’m willing to live with severe pain just so I can have a little milk in my tea. Why do we do it to ourselves?

All I can do is encourage you. Be willing to try things. If you are not losing weight or feeling better, look at the next thing that needs to be changed. Listen to your gut and when you decide you are ready and able, give it 100% commitment.

What is the one food or drink you think you can’t live without?

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