Your beliefs can block your way to success!

Have you noticed the really heated exchanges that are taking place between vegans and meat eaters lately?   I read loads of stuff about various “WOE”‘s (Ways Of Eating) and to be honest, it really shocks me how militant, vicious and nasty people are being with each other over food!!!!    This post is not about taking sides in the debate but rather to understand why we become so intensely passionate and extreme about things we believe in.  In my quest, I came across the expression “Beliefs will always trump facts”.

What this is saying is that we can adopt beliefs and they become absolutely fundamental and integral to who we are as a person and we base our values and sense of purpose on those beliefs.    We find it really difficult to change from those beliefs because without them, we lose a part of who we are, our purpose and our reason for being.

Think of something you believe in really strongly and think back to where it all started.  Perhaps you picked it up from people as you grew up, a life event sent you looking for answers and someone you resonated with sensed your “need” at the time gave you the answers you needed.   You may have read it in books.   The thing is, what they told you may not have been based in fact.

When it comes to different diets, it is SO difficult to know who’s facts are right.  Every day we are told things that are contradicted the very next day!    Eggs are bad / Eggs are good.    Margarine is the best – No Butter is best!   Fat causes heart disease / Fat does not cause heart disease and is in fact good for you.    What are we supposed to do?

Personally, I went to a talk with Dr Rami Cohen in South Africa over 20 years ago.   He did a 3 hour lecture on how he discovered when he was the head of the largest fertility clinic in the country that the fatter a person was, the more infertile they seemed to become.   He studied the hormonal reactions, did research into various foods and came up with a diet  which stimulated the hormones, increased fertility and as a side effect, they all lost weight.    What he said made absolute sense to me, I tried it and I lost 4 stone (25 kgs) in 4 months eating great food!   That was all the evidence I needed.   It formed the platform for all my beliefs and it has grown from there.   Along the way, some new facts have come to light and I’ve tweaked a few things but  I’ve never had any clients who have followed the formula not lose weight since.    The proof was in the pudding.

You may be really surprised to know that 20 years later, this Doctor’s methods are slated and criticised.    Dieticians and nutritionists around the world say they are “dangerous” because they don’t conform to “the food pyramid” or the “government guidelines”.     Beliefs trump facts!     What if the “food pyramid” and “government guidelines” were wrong in the first place?     Personally, the fact that half the world is obese is very clear evidence that they are wrong and that we should all be willing to think outside the box.


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