Understand how your values affect your weight.

Look at the list below, quickly pick your top 5 and list them in order of priority.

Acceptance Fairness Quality
Accomplishment Family Realistic
Accountability Famous Reason
Accuracy Fearless Recognition
Achievement Feelings Recreation
Adaptability Ferocious Reflective
Alertness Fidelity Respect
Altruism Focus Responsibility
Ambition Foresight Restraint
Amusement Fortitude Results-oriented
Assertiveness Freedom Reverence
Attentive Friendship Rigour
Awareness Fun Risk
Balance Generosity Security
Beauty Genius Self-reliance
Boldness Giving Selfless
Bravery Goodness Sensitivity
Brilliance Grace Serenity
Calm Gratitude Service
Candour Greatness Sharing
Capable Growth Significance
Careful Happiness Silence
Certainty Hard work Simplicity
Challenge Harmony Sincerity
Charity Health Skill
Cleanliness Honesty Skilfulness
Clear Honour Smart
Clever Hope Solitude
Comfort Humility Spirit
Commitment Imagination Spirituality
Common sense Improvement Spontaneous
Communication Independence Stability
Community Individuality Status
Compassion Innovation Stewardship
Competence Inquisitive Strength
Concentration Insightful Structure
Confidence Inspiring Success
Connection Integrity Support
Consciousness Intelligence Surprise
Consistency Intensity Sustainability
Contentment Intuitive Talent
Contribution Irreverent Teamwork
Control Joy Temperance
Conviction Justice Thankful
Cooperation Kindness Thorough
Courage Knowledge Thoughtful
Courtesy Lawful Timeliness
Creation Leadership Tolerance
Creativity Learning Toughness
Credibility Liberty Traditional
Curiosity Logic Tranquillity
Decisive Love Transparency
Decisiveness Loyalty Trust
Dedication Mastery Trustworthy
Dependability Maturity Truth
Determination Meaning Understanding
Development Moderation Uniqueness
Devotion Motivation Unity
Dignity Openness Valour
Discipline Optimism Victory
Discovery Order Vigour
Drive Organisation Vision
Effectiveness Originality Vitality
Efficiency Passion Wealth
Empathy Patience Welcoming
Empower Peace Winning
Endurance Performance Wisdom
Energy Persistence Wonder

Now think back to the last time you “lost the plot” and ate something you know is not part of your diet plan or had a little binge.   Are the two connected?  I’ll bet they are!

Because our values are our absolute priorities and really important to us, any time they are “threatened”, our emotions rise dramatically and it’s at that point we often resort to food to deal with the feelings.
Very often our families are involved because family is usually in the top 5.   ie.  If one of your parents is rushed into hospital ill, it becomes very difficult to stay on plan.   If one of your kids is having a hard time at school with bullying, you will find it hard.    If work is a high value and you hear rumours of redundancy, you are unlikely to cope with a diet.
It’s useful for you to spend time on the above list and really understand and absorb what your values are.    You will then be forearmed to understand why things are not going to plan.
Just a quick question to finish off.   Was health in your top 5?    If not, that’s curious considering you are here looking to lose weight.   Perhaps you need to think about that and see how you can move it up.

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