If you want to join my confidential support group, here’s where to go…..

The purpose for me starting this blog is simply because I want to  help others.

I have learnt so much useful stuff over the past 25 years but my health no longer allows me to see the 50 face to face clients a week that I used to so this is a different way I can still keep my passion thriving whilst helping others.

Originally I wanted to have a forum on the blog because it could be anonymous and people who are losing weight generally don’t want all their friends on Facebook to know they are on diet let alone share personal feelings and pain. I wanted to make it very difficult for trolls to sign in and torment subscribers but sadly it seems it is making the process for genuine people to interact on the forum quite difficult.

For that reason, I thought it would be helpful to start up a closed Facebook group.    If you would like to join,

  • Go to Menu
  • then Contact and Facebook Closed Group,
  • then click on the link to ask to join the group.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your weight loss goals!


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