You say you really want it, so why aren’t you doing it?


Very often I come across people who are sad, miserable and desperate to lose weight.   They talk the talk, come to group, engage in the conversation, know all the facts……but they don’t do what needs to be done.    This is called a “Mismatch”.   The intentions and the actions simply don’t match.

It’s a common phenomenon and people give away little hints and clues that whilst intellectually knowing what to do, they are simply not able to make the leap into the “doing” bit.

Often what needs to happen is an exploratory conversation with someone who knows what questions to ask.   As you talk through the layers, very often there is something blocking the action which is totally out of the person’s awareness.   It could be something quite small such as she feels uncomfortable with a person in the group or it could be something far deeper and emotionally upsetting like unresolved grief.   It could be that they are afraid that they are afraid they won’t enjoy the food or even that they will feel deprived.    Until they identify what the blockage is, they won’t progress.

If you find you are constantly saying you will but you don’t, find a coach to chat to and overcome that hurdle or send me an email at the address on the Contacts page.

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