Planning a lapse? Here’s what to do.


Everything we do involves a choice, an action and a consequence, whether we realise it or not.   To be successful on your diet, it’s important that you do things YOU have chosen to do, not what others like your consultant tell you to do.    So when people tell me they have a function like a wedding coming up and want to know what to do, I simply highlight for them their 3 options together with the likely outcome or consequence and let them decide for themselves.

Option 1.    Come off plan completely.  Consequence: Be realistic that you WILL put on weight and will spend at least a week losing what you have gained.   You will undo any ketosis, put excess glucose into your bloodstream so will have to give your body time to rid yourself of this visceral fat before you start losing the sub-cutaneous fat again.   You may get sugar cravings whilst going through this as well as headaches and feeling ill.

Option 2.    Half and Half.    Decide in advance of the function what you will allow yourself and stick to it.    ie.  Instead of drinking your favourite 6 cocktails, you will allow yourself 2 glasses of dry champagne or 2 vodka and slimline tonics with plenty of water in between.   You will select all the healthy options and either have potatoes with your meal or the dessert but not both.    Consequence:   You won’t feel deprived and you will minimise the damage.  You are likely to put on weight but hopefully not a lot.

Option 3.    Stick to plan.    Be determined and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by people at the function or their opinions.   People who are slim and healthy often say no and that’s how they manage to stay slim.    Practice saying no.   Often we succumb because we are so worried about being different, offending the people who have hosted the wedding and paid for your meal or attracting unwanted attention.   Think the meal through and be prepared for how to handle this.    A great technique is to discreetly whisper that “I have a dodgy stomach”.    It stops the conversation in it’s tracks and allows you to do what you planned to do.    Consequence:   You will lose weight and develop great new skills for keeping your weight off!    Win win!

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