Are Anti-depressants preventing you from losing weight?

You may be interested to know that at the stage when I was seeing about 100 clients a week in my groups, about 60% of them were on anti-depressants.   It has always interested me to findo   I am not against them, in fact I’ve been on them myself for most of my adult life, but there are times when they are not helpful.

Here are a few examples;

Many women have come to me for help to lose weight and it has fairly quickly become apparent that they are very unhappy in their marriage or partnership.  Often we don’t want to admit to ourselves how unhappy we are because we know that a major change needs to take place and the uncertainty of the future is crippling.   In cases like this, food becomes a “coping” strategy which ironically brings about weight increase which causes lower self esteem, lower self confidence and more depression.

The same thing often happens when people are very unhappy at work.  Perhaps they have a nasty boss or a colleague they really don’t get on with.  The unhappiness goes on day in and day out and they resort to food and anti-depressants to cope with the situation when actually what they need is a change of job.

The third really tough one is when a person is grieving which is a major reason why people gain weight.   I once brought in a specialist grief specialist to give a talk and her first bit of advice was not to take anti-depressants.   She explained that anti-depressants suppress the grief at a time when we really need to be feeling the pain and expressing it.    Apparently it takes at least 2 years to even start to overcome loss.

What anti-depressants will do is lift your mood when you are crippled by depression.   It will lift you enough to have the energy to get out of bed and look for help.    You would benefit from finding a counsellor or coach to talk to so you can get to the bottom of what is causing the intense pain and depression and when you’ve realised, work together to put a plan in motion to make the fundamental change that you need to make.


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