It’s okay to be Smug! In fact it’s great!


Have you ever tried to put into words the amazing feeling you get when you stand on that scale and you weigh less than last week?      Awesome, proud, amazing, chuffed, relieved, empowered all come to mind but the word that seems to work best for a lot of people is smug.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable about it as the word has an air of arrogance and bragging.

I think its a great word to encompass everything.   It’s that brief moment when you can combine all those happy new emotions and put them all together.

So if you have lost some weight over the past few weeks, I’m giving you permission!    Go ahead and feel smug!    Whilst you are at it, update your journal with a list of everything you have achieved, everything that makes you feel really proud of yourself and highlight what you have learnt that is going to help you keep succeeding!

And from me, Congratulations!

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