You cannot lose weight with exercise alone.

One thing that we humans seem to be very good at is kidding ourselves.   We will come up with very creative schemes to save us from doing what we really know we ought to be doing.

There has been a huge amount of research done that proves that exercise accounts for only 20% of weight loss whilst a change in diet accounts for 80%.  If you don’t change your diet at all but go on a strict exercise regime, you will get fit, but you may actually not lose any weight at all, which is why there are a lot of fat but very fit people out there.    To lose the weight, you HAVE TO change what you are eating. 

I’ve known many who will go to the gym, do an hours hectic workout, come out and eat a chocolate.   The thinking is that if I have burned 200 calories on the treadmill, I am doing no harm by eating 200 calories worth of chocolate.   The problem with this thinking is that you will never get anywhere!

If you are strong enough to start a diet and an exercise regime at the same time, all kudos to you and go for it!   For those who feel that it’s more than they can handle, I always recommend that you focus on the food first.   As you start losing weight, feel better, have more energy and confidence, you will naturally want to start moving more anyway.   Then you will reach a point when you are so excited about the possibilities your new health and body offer that you will be positively driven to start exercising.

Please don’t get me wrong.   I am not saying that exercise is not important and will not benefit you.   It absolutely will benefit you and I absolutely do recommend that to maintain your weight and health you need to bring it into your life but to start off with, focus on your diet.

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