What you stop may be far more helpful than what you start.

There have been a few series on TV where they will have say 20 people and put each of them on a different diet apparently with the aim of seeing which is the best diet.

Whilst it’s a fun idea, it can never be accurate for loads of reasons; men and women don’t lose the same way,  each person’s health is different at the start, you can’t guarantee people stick to the diet, etc etc etc.   There are simply too many variables.

There is something else that has really made me think about the comparison; is it about the diet that people start doing or is it about what they stop doing?

Let’s look at this completely logically.

  • The dieter is fat
  • That means that they are doing something / eating something that is making them fat
  • If they can find out what that is and cut it out, surely they will lose weight?    It’s common sense.

I think a program where they take 20 people, see what they eat each day and simply get them to cut out the bad stuff would be a far better and fairer test.

Perhaps you could give it a try.   Simply cut out all refined carbohydrates so all sugar, take aways, pasta, rice, bread and ready meals and see what happens.  Eat as much “real” food as you want.    I can guarantee you 100% that you will lose weight.

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