Have you got the Monday Morning Morbs?

If you have climbed on the scale this morning and find yourself feeling really disappointed, gutted, annoyed, frustrated and puzzled because your weight has not dropped enough, this post is especially for you!

We all know this feeling.    Gosh, I’ve had clients who have lost 3lbs in a week feel this way so it is very common and it is very normal.   The problem is that it’s not very helpful!!  So is there something else you can do?   Absolutely.  Change your Behaviour!

The problem with losing weight is that we tend to become pretty obsessive and the diet tends to rule our life.   We do all the hard work during the week in anticipation of that little number which becomes our reward or retribution on Monday morning.

In my opinion, we put our focus on the scale instead of the process.     As I always suggest, let’s think about this completely logically.

If you have a program that works and you trust, then you stick to it 100% for the entire week, what does it really matter what the scale says?     Your focus each and every week should be sticking to your plan not bargaining with your scale.   Sometimes it’s really helpful to actually put away the scale and simply focus on following your plan.  In a contradictory way, it actually motivates people a lot more and they don’t run the danger of that little metal machine telling them “you’re useless, you have failed ….. again!!!! because you have lost 1 lb instead of the (ridiculously) expected 3lbs”.

You also avoid the danger of the scale dropping nicely and your brain going “woooooo hooooo – let’s go and have a take-away to celebrate”!

I’m all for using a scale in the early days because you need the assurance that the diet plan you have chosen is going to work, but once you’re on your way, you may be more successful without it.     You will feel the difference in your body and your clothes and the feeling is fabulous!


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