Did you spot the not so deliberate error with my Discipline?

Think about this logically.   If you have 3 stone (20 kgs) to lose, it’s going to take at the very least 3 months to lose it.     What are the chances that there will be days when you don’t feel like staying on track, are distracted by friends, family and events, days when you feel a bit meh or sick, or days when  work or the kids make you so stressed you want to eat a house?

Very high huh?

In the beginning, you will have less days when sticking to your program is a breeze than difficult days.    So what do you need to succeed?


Discipline is about being really organised.    The chances are you are feeding more than just you so you not only have to think about you and your dieting needs but also the rest of them who, no doubt, will be wanting to eat all sorts of things that you can’t!   I recommend to my clients that they make life as easy as possible!   Stick to cooking meals where you can select what you are happy to eat and let the family have their usuals.   ie.   you have meat and above ground veggies, they can have the potatoes and gravy as well.   You have the bacon and eggs, they can have the hash browns and toast too.

Discipline is about planning.    You not only have to plan your food, what you and the family will be eating for each meal and therefore what food to buy, you need to plan for emergencies and unexpected events too.    Always have bottles of water in the boot of your car and portable food with you for the times you may be stuck at a hospital appointment for too long, for when a colleague brings cake into the office, for if the car breaks down.   Always have something safe to keep you going.    If you are going to a restaurant, google the menu in advance and check to see that they will cater for your needs.   Figure out in advance what you are going to say to your mother at Sunday lunch when she insists you eat the pudding she has spent so much time making “especially for you” (whilst telling you that you need to lose weight!!).  Think about how you will handle the time in the hotel when at the business conference.    The more you can plan in advance, the more you are likely to stick to your program and keep the weight coming off.

Discipline is about Keeping on Keeping On.     I can guarantee you that your weight loss will not go as anticipated.   There will be times that you are surprised at how much you lose and times when it seems frustrating slow.   The body does things in its own time.   Learning to be disciplined is about dealing with the varied emotions in an emotionally mature way and keeping going no matter how tough it gets, no matter what nasty comments are said to you, no matter how disappointed you feel.   You simply get up tomorrow and keep going.

Discipline is about Doing things you Never thought you Could or Would.   Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am “allergic” to exercise.  Since my knee ops at 27 and the fibro pain that has accompanied it started, I have dreaded exercise because a) it’s painful and b) if I do too much (and it’s very hard to know what too much is), it causes a fibro flare up which takes ages to go.     I also know logically that if I want to be as healthy as possible, I need to exercise so I started very gently with power assisted exercise.   I cried the first time I did it because in my head, I thought I would never be able to do exercise again.     Think about some of the things you feel you could never give up; drinking milk in your tea, having wine every night or at least every weekend, not having dessert after Sunday lunch, not stopping at McDonalds on a long trip.   You won’t believe how great you will feel and how much it will benefit your weight when you cut it out of your life.

If you were wondering what the deliberate error title is all about, it’s because for the first time since I started this blog, I missed putting up a post at 8.30 am my time for 2 days in a row.   A lack of Discipline!    Ok, I haven’t felt very well but just like dieting, I need to push past that, push myself out of my comfort zone, get back on the horse and be a good example!




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