If you don’t take responsibility, nothing can or will ever change.

I watched a program today about really obese people trying to change their lives for the better.  It was very enlightening but also pretty sad to be honest as I could very quickly identify those that would succeed and those who would make no progress at all… and it’s all to do with taking responsibility.

To start off with, every single one of them shared their reasons for becoming so overweight.   If you haven’t heard me saying it before, you may be shocked to know that I don’t believe any person becomes overweight because they are “greedy”.   The need to overeat, and eat the wrong things is a symptom but never a cause.

These people had become overweight through a mother feeding her daughter take aways because she was working 3 jobs and simply too exhausted, grief, divorce, the loss of a job, abuse, addiction and some ignorance.   All of these are understandable reasons for triggering overweight.     The one youngster who was in her twenties expressed how unfair life had been to her and that there was no point in her even trying to look for a job because she was in too much pain and “could never” reverse the damage done.

Obviously, I felt enormous compassion and sorrow for these people.   It’s awful living a life with little or no hope but ….. what we can do is take responsibility!

It’s not what happens to us in life but what we think about it, that determines our future and happiness.

The girl who’s mother over-fed her can change her thinking to “well there’s nothing I can do about the past, but there’s everything I can do about my future“.   She can decide that just because she is very overweight, she does not need to sentence herself to a life of hell.   She can look for help and start changing it.

The man who was over 30 stone went to be weighed and had lost 1lb.   (I wanted to scream!!!!   A man that size on the right program could easily lose 28 lbs in a week).     He went straight home and ordered a massive take away to “celebrate” the fact he had lost a pound.    Sadly, I could see there was a lot of ignorance about diet there – he thought because he didn’t order chips what he was eating would help – but it was really clear that despite him having already had a stroke, he was simply not willing to take responsibility and change his behaviour.

I often have to remind my clients that I can give them all the knowledge I have collected, give them a proven program that is guaranteed if you follow it, I can be on the other end of a phone 24/7 and constantly give motivation and guidance, but if they don’t take responsibility to make the necessary changes, nothing will change.

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