If you keep procrastinating, you’ll never get there.

Are you a procrastinator?   I have a little plaque that says “Please help me not to put off until tomorrow what I should have done the day before yesterday”.    Hmmmm.    It affects people who need to lose weight a lot!

What is it that you are waiting for?

  • A time when you have no functions coming up?
  • A time when you are stress free?
  • A time when your parents are not ill?
  • A time when you have no holidays planned?
  • A time when the kids have left home and you have more time for you?
  • A time when you feel better?

The truth of the reality is that there will never be a right time.   There will always be obstacles in your way.    You can never clear the time ahead to provide you with what you need.

If you are feeling unhealthy and unhappy, the very best time for you to get started is right now.  Right this minute, start doing your research and decide how you are going to do it then commit to picking up the phone and making the call.   Take action.   And get started, preferably without doing the “last supper” binge before you do.

Recognise that there will be obstacles and there will be times when you lapse or find it really difficult.    But if you stick to your diet 80% of the time, that’s 80% more than you were before and you will lose weight!

The joy of starting the process is that very soon, you will start to feel more in control.    You will be able to handle those functions without succumbing, you will feel less stressed, you will have more energy and clarity to deal with your sick parents, you will look forward to feeling and looking amazing on your holiday instead of dreading it, you will have your health to enjoy whilst you are still young and you will feel better ….. by the time you go to bed tomorrow night!


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