Are you in a never-ending Cruise mentality?

Let me first explain what a Cruise mentality is.

I have had many clients over the years who come to me to lose weight so they can look good in their finest clothes and thoroughly enjoy a Cruise ship holiday.   All good so far.

The problem is those very same people put in 5 or 6 months of hard work to lose 3 or 4 stone (20 – 26 kgs) so that they can eat everything they can stuff into their bodies on an all inclusive 10 day cruise!!    Our brain’s say to us “you’ve paid for it, you might as well get your money’s worth”.    When the package includes alcohol, oh dear!!!!     Ironic – lose weight so that you can enjoy putting it on again.

If that is your choice, that’s absolutely fine!    You can do what you want with your life.    Maybe the pleasure you get from that 10 days is worth the 5 or 6 months of effort you put in before the next cruise…

But have you ever considered the other option?      What would be so bad about losing the weight, booking a bed only cruise or basic food and no alcohol included?   Healthy eating and drinking takes up less than 20% of our time in a day.   For that short amount of time, could you not change the experience to much tastier food but eating a lot less of it and enjoying it “mindfully”?   ie. eating really slowly but thoroughly enjoying every mouthful then leaving the table feeling satiated and content, rather than stuffed and bloated.    Would you not consider having a vodka and slimline tonic followed by a well chosen glass of wine with your meal instead of an all day binge on whatever alcohol you can find?      Remember the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour?    A great way to change destructive patterns is to do something different which in turn will change your thoughts and feelings.   If you don’t pay for all inclusive, you will change your entire thought pattern.

If you were to do the above, I think you would still gain weight.    But you would not put on such a lot that you will need to work very hard for at least 6 weeks to get it all off again.    Great result!



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