Learn how to manage your emotions and you’ll learn how to manage your weight.

I often watch debates about politics or religion on tv and thank heavens I’ve never attended one because quite honestly, there are times when people say things that I think are so stupid and so illogical that it really gets under my skin!   I know for a fact I couldn’t stay calm and respond with objectivity and calmness.    But actually, this is exactly what we should all aim for.

If you think of the most powerful and inspiring leaders that have ever lived, they have an incredible ability to see things objectively and calmly ….. in other words, to not allow their personal emotional response to control them!    Think of  Mandela, Ghandi, Churchill and Obama.    Their quiet controlled response makes you feel calm and trust that you are safe in their care.

For all the over-eaters, the problem for us is that when those emotions of frustration and rage come soaring up, we turn to food or drink to manage them!

So what can you do?

  • Deal with any childhood unresolved hurt or pain.  If necessary, see a therapist or coach.
  • Be aware that not being able to manage your emotions hurts you more than them.
  • Be willing to listen and hear (yes, they are different).
  • Accept that you are not always right.
  • Accept that it’s possible and sometimes wonderfully liberating to change your own opinion.
  • Realise that it’s not necessarily about right and wrong but simply about each person’s perception.
  • Realise that stewing on your thoughts is not helpful.   Sometimes it’s better for you and your weight to simply let them go.
  • Read self help books.   Books on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) are very helpful and practical.
  • Practise any techniques you learn.   They will feel very uncomfortable and unnatural at first but eventually will be second nature.

Control your emotions and you will control your weight. 


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