What will it take to get you to change?

This is quite a frightening statement when you compare it to “I am a Comfort eater“.    It feels like you have to give up being who you are to become who you want to be.   

In a way that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Many of us go for years expressing how unhappy we are with our weight.   One day we wake up and realise we’ve been saying the same thing for 10 years but not done anything about it.   Why?    Because we have not become “uncomfortable” enough with our body, with our health and with our life.

You know the saying “You have to reach rock bottom before you will take action to change”.   It’s so relevant here.

It seems that it’s only when we become ill, when the doctor tells us something that really shocks us, when we lose our partner to a “thinner, prettier” woman, when we see that photo at the family wedding, etc that we suddenly become willing to change.

The thing is that change is frightening for everyone.   We like things to feel familiar and be predictable even when they are not good for us.   There will be things that we have to give up and we worry that we won’t be able to manage.

My advice would be to find someone to help you.   Find a coach who can inspire you, raise your belief in your capabilities and who can give you a safe, proven plan to follow.     Commit to seeing that person at the same time on the same day every week for at least 8 weeks to help you develop and stick to boundaries which sub-consciously will help you stick to boundaries with your food.

The Motivation for most people to lose weight and keep it off starts as Discomfort – feeling awful, not liking the way you look, feeling ill, no energy, not sleeping well and feeling unhappy.    The good thing is that Discomfort very soon changes.   Small positive things start happening quickly and very soon, discomfort motivation will be replaced by excitement motivation.

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