I’m celebrating today!!!! Would you be happy with this progress?

I hope you won’t mind if today’s post is all about me but I feel the need to share my success.    I’ve reached a major milestone today in that I weigh under 200 lbs!   I’m going to make the most of it as if I lose one more pound, I will be less than 90 kgs and after another 3 lbs, I’ll be in the 13 stones!   Whichever way you measure your weight, this is significant and I honestly cannot remember (thanks fibro fog!) when I last weighed this amount.

I started this journey on 1st July 2017, 14 days after I had the parathyroid tumour removed.   I had no idea how long I had the adenoma for so I was pretty confused about the all the symptoms over the years; pain, chronic fatigue, very bad sleep, depression and a whole lot more.   My primary goal was to eat very healthy food and get my body back to what was “normal” so I could discover what symptoms I still had.    Weightloss has been a wonderful side effect.

Here is what I have achieved / learnt in the past 21 months;

  • Lost 25 kgs / 55 lbs / almost 4 stone
  • Lost over 50 inches
  • Stopped taking 4 serious medications
  • I sleep like a normal human being.   2 years ago I couldn’t get to sleep before about 3 or 4 am and would then sleep all day.
  • My pain is completely under control.   I take pain killers once a week if at all where before I was taking them 4 times a day.
  • I go to gym 3 times a week.    Prior to this, I had never been to gym.   I hadn’t exercised for 28 years!   Granted, I use power assisted machines or swim which is as much as I can manage but I feel improvements every time I go!
  • I get no heartburn at all where before I had it every single day.
  • I have worked hard on healing my gut and am sure it has helped.
  • I have never felt deprived or left out.
  • I have never felt desperate to binge.
  • I have learnt to love water and can’t go without it.
  • I am proud of the number of times I have resisted temptation.
  • I am proud of the new foods I have been willing to try and learnt to enjoy.
  • I am proud that through all of it, my focus has remained very firmly forward.

I can’t honestly say it’s been quick and simple.   I think the hardest thing for me has been the time when my weight plateau’d, not just for weeks but for months!    It was hard not having any “specialist” to turn to who could explain why despite me sticking 100% to the program, my weight simply didn’t shift.   I will be eternally grateful for discovering some very useful tips in Zoe Harcombe’s program which helped me get it going again.

I guess there were times when I could have shifted to one of the commercial diets, in fact I had my GP sending me letters suggesting I join Weight Watchers, but I have been stubbornly determined to follow my chosen route because scientifically I was looking for healing not quick weight loss.

Right now, I feel extremely proud of myself, I feel calm about what I still need to do and 100% confident that my weight will NEVER be higher than 200 lbs ever again!

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