Are biscuits controlling your life?

Of course by biscuits, I could just as easily be talking about Haribos, chocolate or ice cream…. or any other “goody” that you feel you cannot live without.

It may sound silly and trivial to talk about a biscuit ruining a person’s life but honestly, the relationship between us and food can be incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated.

I recall a client I had once who would diet beautifully all week but on Tuesday night’s would undo it all by having tea with a few biscuits.   This went on for weeks and weeks.  She was paying me my coaching fee as well as spending a lot of money on products but ironically wasting it all with 2 or 3 biscuits (or maybe a packet!) every Tuesday.    We explored why this was happening.   What emotions were causing the pattern.    It turned out that her husband worked away on a Tuesday night and she felt both lonely and afraid.   Once we had helped her identify the cause, she was able to fix it by either going out to a friend or having one of her children come and stay with her.   Emotion dealt with = biscuits dealt with!   The weight started coming off.

I had another client recently succumb to a biscuit because she had insatiable cravings due to her period.   When she weighed the next day, she had gained weight which made her so annoyed, she went and ate another 3!    We all do it.  We are human.   But the thing is, if we keep doing it, we will never lose weight.

I have two things to say which may help.

1    Don’t buy the biscuits!    You may recall the link I have spoken about which comes from cognitive behavioural therapy.  ie.   Thoughts, Feelings, Action.   If you change the action, you change the feelings and thoughts.    If you crave a chocolate and stop at the garage every day when you drive home from work, drive home a different way!   It will “break” the link in your brain and help you stop.

2   Many people think that one biscuit, one chocolate or one sweet will not make a difference.   It does.   When your body loses weight, the amount of visceral fat and glycogen your body is carrying decreases.   As soon as you add sugar back into your body, you increase the amount of visceral fat and stop the body from burning subcutaneous fat.   So actually, it’s a double whammy.   You could even put on a few pounds from a relatively tiny bit of sugar.   What’s more, you will get cravings for sugar for the next couple of days.

If you are desperate for a “treat”, I recommend berries with thick cream or a cup of coffee with cream and Stevia if you crave the sweetness.   That way, you satisfy the craving but will not stimulate your insulin to store the fat.

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