What’s your motivation for losing weight?

Many people start a diet for reasons of vanity.   I ask all my clients on their first session what they hate about being “fat” and most of them get very embarrassed to admit that they “don’t like” their body, “feel ashamed” of their legs, hate the fact they can’t wear a bikini or have “gross flabby skin”.   It’s as if they expect me to judge them for not liking their bodies.

I never do.  I think humans have an inbuilt motivation to look our best because that in turn helps us feel happy and contented.   I also believe that we are all individuals and entitled to feel what we feel.    I often hear the expression “I should be grateful and happy because my life is not nearly as bad as hers”.  We each have the right to own our own stuff and not be compared to others.

So we have that straight.    If you start a diet for vanity, that’s ok!

The great thing is that whilst you may start off for Vanity, as you lose the weight, you will gain Sanity in so many ways;

  • You will feel better emotionally and physically
  • Your aches and pains will lessen
  • Many health conditions will improve
  • Your sleep will improve which has a wonderful knock on effect
  • You will feel clear headed and energetic
  • Your sense of being in control will boost empowerment.
  • Your sense of pride in your achievement will be overwhelming
  • The joy of shopping in a “normal” shop is immeasurable
  • Your confidence and self esteem will go through the roof
  • You will enjoy looking in your wardrobe to see what to wear instead of dread it.
  • You will enjoy getting “dolled up” and buying new clothes
  • You will be in control of food instead of it being in control of you
  • You will enjoy being active and being able to keep up with others



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