If you are waiting till you look perfect, you will never get there!

Of course we all want a perfect body but guess how many of us will get one?  None!!!   Not even those who spend a small fortune (or large fortune!!) on surgery end up with perfect bodies.

Yet sub-consciously that is what many of us chase.

We are very hard on ourselves when we are dieting if we don’t stick perfectly to plan, berating ourselves, putting ourselves down and worst yet, giving up because we “can’t do it”.

We go into shops to buy an outfit and get upset that it doesn’t sit perfectly on the lumps and bumps or in that awful artificial light in the shop.

We dread going to our weight loss meetings in case we don’t lose as much as someone else.

The wonderful thing about weight loss is that you start to feel better and more in control with every single pound lost!   You don’t need to wait until the end of your plan before the feelings start to change and I encourage you all to embrace the positivity.    Write down in a journal every single thing that makes you feel better, every positive change you notice along the way and every mini goal that you achieve.

Be daring!    One thing I love to suggest is that ladies go and buy sexy new underwear after losing a couple of stone (14 kgs).    Don’t worry about how much you still have to lose!    It’s incredible how much sexy undies can lift you and make you feel gorgeous even though you may still be overweight.

Don’t wait until you “get there”.    Embrace the journey and wallow in every tiny achievement.

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