Are you wasting valuable time?

So many of us do not want to hear it when we are told that “losing weight” will improve our ailments.   We become angry and defensive and prefer to have a “quick fix” tablet.    We want the easy way out.

Even when we look into  a diet, we look for the one that allows us our “cheats” or that will magically make us lose weight without us starting to exercise or give up on anything.

Since I started “eating clean”, I have been amazed at what has improved in my life.   The first thing I noticed was that I could go down stairs like a normal person instead of one step, one step and holding on for dear life.    Hmmm.    So it was just some weight (trust me I’ve still got quite a lot!!) rather than the non existent cartilage I was telling everyone it was.

I noticed within 4 days that I was not getting heartburn whereas before I had it every single day.   I had convinced myself I had something physical wrong but no…. changed the diet and I’ve only had it on a couple of occasions since.

People talk about food sensitivities.    I have never had IBS or stomach complaints so I really didn’t believe I had any food sensitivities or allergies at all.   The first time I had a slice of bread after 6 months of clean eating, I had heartburn so badly I vomited.   My body told me in no uncertain terms I was sensitive to gluten.

I’ve been helping 3 people with Type 2 diabetes so serious that they were all on daily Insulin injections.   Within a month, all 3 no longer needed the injections, their blood pressure had dropped dramatically, their sleep had improved and they were feeling fantastic.    That’s only 4 weeks!!!

All I am saying to you is, try hard not to be defensive.    Rather, be willing to change your eating for a month, that’s just 4 weeks out of a lifetime which is practically nothing, but that nothing may change your life for the better forever.   Do it – for YOU.


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