Is All or Nothing thinking sabotaging your diet?


How many times have you started a diet, usually on a Monday!, do really well until Wednesday morning when a work colleague brings in cake to celebrate their birthday. You succumb to the temptation, love the cake for a few seconds, then start thinking “well I’ve blown it now so I may as well have more”. This is All or Nothing thinking. It’s either or, black or white, on a diet or off a diet. I’m perfect or useless. I’m good or I’m bad.

This way of thinking is not helpful when you are on a diet!

It’s better to change your thinking to be more flexible. OK, so I’ve lapsed but if I can get straight back on the wagon right now, I can limit the damage and will feel better about myself. It’s likely to make you pretty uncomfortable at the time but if you can persevere, you will eventually change your default setting away from All or Nothing thinking.

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