It’s so hard to find healthy food out there!

I find sticking to my diet program pretty easy for 2 reasons;  1)  because the program I follow is delicious and very filling, I’m seldom hungry and 2) because the lifestyle I lead doesn’t mean I’m surrounded by temptation.

BUT ………!!!!    Oh my goodness I struggled over the Easter weekend.    I spent the weekend with my sister and her 3 children.    At my home it is just my husband and I so there is difference no 1.   Children in the house, all of whom are constantly hungry and it feels as though one meal leads straight into the next one.   My poor sister is constantly either planning, shopping, preparing, cooking or cleaning up from food!!!   Then of course there were the chocolate eggs!   Loads of them and loads of sweets all day every day!

Difference no 2 was that we took the girls on a few outings and everywhere we took them, there was literally nothing healthy to eat!   It was all fizzy drinks, ice creams, sandwiches, pizza, chips, fish fingers, chicken nuggets all with tomato sauce.  Not one place even offered a fresh salad or anything else healthy!

The result was that even I, who from a point of will-power usually has no problem sticking to my diet, ended up eating as if I had never eaten food before!  Once I took that first batch of carbs in, the addictive mind set kicked in and it was then anything else I could get my hands on!

I was literally too terrified to see my weight today!    I asked my husband to write it down and I’ll look at it once I’ve been back on track for a few days and feel I have fixed the damage.

I’ve learnt some huge lessons from the weekend:

  • It’s probably harder for mothers with children than anyone else to stick to a diet.
  • I need to plan and not expect the world to understand I’m on a diet therefore they must stock what I want.
  • It’s a reminder that “rituals” always have a food association.   (See tomorrow’s blog).
  • To be successful at a diet, you may need to change your lifestyle.

If Easter was hard for you too, put it behind you.   It’s done and you can’t change what has happened.   What you can change is what you do about it from today!    So get back on track, be determined, read through your list of goals and enthusiastically tackle the future!    See you there!

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