You are not fat. You have fat.

It’s an amazing thing that when we feel overweight, that can blur our filter to everything else we see about ourselves. We no longer think we are pretty, intelligent, sexy, funny, smart, well groomed, a good mother, a good wife, a worthwhile person. Hmmmmmm!

So is it true that because you have some extra fat on your body, you have lost all the other qualities? Impossible! It’s simply your perception of yourself and if you ask others, often you will find they don’t care about your weight and they still see all the other qualities even if you don’t. Continue reading “You are not fat. You have fat.”

Are you afraid of fat?

Are you terrified to eat fat?   Do you avoid it at all costs and constantly look for the low fat foods when you shop?    Do you cut the fat off your meat?   You could be doing yourself a great disservice and keeping yourself overweight.  Hang on ….. don’t run away!   Just be open minded enough to read what I have to say and then be curious enough to research it a little more.

First of all, think about this.    Why do you think it is that every chef uses loads of butter or olive oil when cooking?    Because fat makes food taste fantastic!   My husband makes the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted.   When I watched him to find out what was so different to how I made them, it was simply the loads of butter he added!

Second.   The other thing that fat does is make you feel full.   It’s satiating.   When you increase the amount of fat you eat, you feel full and therefore eat less.  Continue reading “Are you afraid of fat?”

If you don’t take responsibility, nothing can or will ever change.

I watched a program today about really obese people trying to change their lives for the better.  It was very enlightening but also pretty sad to be honest as I could very quickly identify those that would succeed and those who would make no progress at all… and it’s all to do with taking responsibility.

To start off with, every single one of them shared their reasons for becoming so overweight.   If you haven’t heard me saying it before, you may be shocked to know that I don’t believe any person becomes overweight because they are “greedy”.   The need to overeat, and eat the wrong things is a symptom but never a cause.

These people had become overweight through a mother feeding her daughter take aways because she was working 3 jobs and simply too exhausted, grief, divorce, the loss of a job, abuse, addiction and some ignorance.   All of these are understandable reasons for triggering overweight.  Continue reading “If you don’t take responsibility, nothing can or will ever change.”

Some interesting facts about sugar, carbohydrates and diet.

Here are a few interesting facts about sugar and carbohydrates which hopefully will help you figure out how to use the information to help you lose weight.

There are 56 different types of sugar.    Most of the names end in “ose”.

Our bodies get their energy to survive from two sources; sugar (or glucose) and fat.   If you decrease the amount of sugar going in, the body will convert the fat on your body to energy.

Sugar is generally measured two ways – in calories (or energy) and in sweetness.  Sweeteners have calories but because their sweetness level is so much higher than sugar, you need far less to get the same effect and so the amount of calories becomes negligible.

When you read a nutrition label, it usually shows Carbs first and just under says “of which sugars” and another reading.     Carbohydrates are made up of sugar, fibre and starch.    The combination of the 3 is known as Gross Carbs and just the sugar is known as Net Carbs.

Sugar is not an “essential” nutrient.   We don’t need to eat it every day because  our bodies get the right type of sugar from our vegetables and fruit.    It can also convert protein and the fat on our bodies into sugar.

Our bodies only need 4 grams of glucose (which is a sugar) in our bloodstream at any time to live.   Anything over that will be stored as glycogen … or converted to fat!

Nature was incredibly clever when she made natural sugar.   She combined it with fibre as in sugar cane, fruit, vegetables, sugar beet etc.   The fibre is essential to stop the body being flooded with too much sugar.    It’s far better to have sugar in its natural form with the fibre than separated as in refined sugar and fruit juices as the body can’t cope and will eventually cause illness.

The lactose in milk is a sugar.   You may be shocked to know there is less lactose or sugar in full fat milk than in low fat.   There is less sugar in cream than in milk!   It’s the combination of fat and sugar together that makes you put on weight.    If you are a coffee or tea-aholic and drink milk in it, try cutting that milk out for a week and see what happens to your weight.

In any food manufacturing process, when they reduce fat, they increase the sugar content because fat = flavour.    This is why low fat yoghurt is usually very high in sugar.

When you read food labels, the most important thing to check is the sugar level.   If you want to lose weight, don’t eat anything with more than 10 grams net sugar per 100 grams, preferably keep it below 5 grams.

On a keto diet, they recommend you stick to less than 20grams of net carbs (sugar) per day.    On low carb or Banting they aim for about 30 grams of net carbs a day.    A banana has 31 grams of net carbs.

Next time you are shopping, pick up a ready made diet meal and check the amount of carbs and sugar.  Remembering what I’ve said in the paragraph above, I think you may be surprised.

I am constantly shocked that people think we actually need carbohydrates to live … in fact the government even tells us that.   Yes we need carbs but not the refined ones.   Think about the caveman or cultures like inuits or the masai in Kenya (who are famous for long distance running).   Cakes, sweets, biscuits, bread, fruit juices etc were never part of their diets.    They survived, and thrived, on meat, milk, blood, roots and berries.   We were designed to get the glucose we need from fruit, vegetables and protein.   If you don’t believe me, try it for two weeks.   I’ll wager you will lose weight and feel fantastic!

You cannot lose weight with exercise alone.

One thing that we humans seem to be very good at is kidding ourselves.   We will come up with very creative schemes to save us from doing what we really know we ought to be doing.

There has been a huge amount of research done that proves that exercise accounts for only 20% of weight loss whilst a change in diet accounts for 80%.  If you don’t change your diet at all but go on a strict exercise regime, you will get fit, but you may actually not lose any weight at all, which is why there are a lot of fat but very fit people out there.    To lose the weight, you HAVE TO change what you are eating.  Continue reading “You cannot lose weight with exercise alone.”

Tablets and Potions versus Real Food?

For most of my life I have been like most of you, believing that I could lose weight easily and magically by taking lotions and potions.    Two years ago when I had a parathyroid tumour removed and decided I wanted to dedicate myself to becoming healthy and hopefully as a side effect lose weight.   I did a huge amount of research and studying to find out what diet would be best for fibromyalgia as I knew from past experience with my many clients who had fibromyalgia that weight loss can be terribly slow, so I wanted to be prepared mentally for the tough times and know how to overcome them.

What I kept reading over and over again was that the last thing my body needed was anything “artificial or chemical” Continue reading “Tablets and Potions versus Real Food?”

Gut healing can help you lose weight!

Gut healing is a recent but really exciting area of exploration when it comes to weight loss.     There was a show on telly recently where they compared two identical twins, one who was slim and always had been, one who was obese and had been for all of her adult life.  They tested each twins’ poo to see what their gut bacteria looked like and they were very different.   They then took poo from the thin one and transferred it into the fat one and very quickly, the fat one started losing weight with minimal change to her diet!

Our digestive system needs a good balance of thousands, perhaps millions of different types of bacteria to break down food.   It can be knocked out of whack for various reasons; illness, a bad diet, anti-biotics, severe stress or even shock from a car accident.

There is more and more evidence coming out that shows a direct link between an unhealthy gut and auto-immune conditions like fibromyalgia, Continue reading “Gut healing can help you lose weight!”

Planning a lapse? Here’s what to do.


Everything we do involves a choice, an action and a consequence, whether we realise it or not.   To be successful on your diet, it’s important that you do things YOU have chosen to do, not what others like your consultant tell you to do.    So when people tell me they have a function like a wedding coming up and want to know what to do, I simply highlight for them their 3 options together with the likely outcome or consequence and let them decide for themselves.

Option 1.    Come off plan completely.  Consequence: Be realistic that you WILL put on weight and will spend at least a week losing what you have gained.   You will undo any ketosis, put excess glucose into your bloodstream so will have to give your body time to rid yourself of this visceral fat before you start losing the sub-cutaneous fat again.   You may get sugar cravings whilst going through this as well as headaches and feeling ill.

Option 2.    Half and Half.    Decide in advance of the function what you will allow yourself and stick to it.    ie.  Instead of drinking your favourite 6 cocktails, you will allow yourself 2 glasses of dry champagne or 2 vodka and slimline tonics with plenty of water in between.   You will select all the healthy options and either have potatoes with your meal or the dessert but not both.    Consequence:   You won’t feel deprived and you will minimise the damage.  You are likely to put on weight but hopefully not a lot.

Option 3.    Stick to plan.    Be determined and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by people at the function or their opinions.   People who are slim and healthy often say no and that’s how they manage to stay slim.    Practice saying no.   Often we succumb because we are so worried about being different, offending the people who have hosted the wedding and paid for your meal or attracting unwanted attention.   Think the meal through and be prepared for how to handle this.    A great technique is to discreetly whisper that “I have a dodgy stomach”.    It stops the conversation in it’s tracks and allows you to do what you planned to do.    Consequence:   You will lose weight and develop great new skills for keeping your weight off!    Win win!

If you want to join my confidential support group, here’s where to go…..

The purpose for me starting this blog is simply because I want to  help others.

I have learnt so much useful stuff over the past 25 years but my health no longer allows me to see the 50 face to face clients a week that I used to so this is a different way I can still keep my passion thriving whilst helping others.

Originally I wanted to have a forum on the blog because it could be anonymous and people who are losing weight generally don’t want all their friends on Facebook to know they are on diet let alone share personal feelings and pain. Continue reading “If you want to join my confidential support group, here’s where to go…..”

Type 2 diabetes is absolutely, definitely, certainly curable!!!

What I am going to say on this page may seem very controversial to some and I will say at the outset, I am not trained medically in any way shape or form.   I have no dietary qualifications……just a load of interest, experience and common sense!

If you have Type 2 diabetes and have been told it’s incurable or irreversible, it’s hogwash!   There’s a bit of a ding dong going on in cyberspace between the “establishment” and a few very credible professionals like Professor Tim Noakes (my hero) and Asseem Malhotra about what causes Type 2 diabetes and how to cure it and I’m positive you’ll be hearing a lot more in the years to come as the stubborn government barriers start coming down.

The simplest way for a person to find out if a diet is helping them reverse Type 2 is to see what happens on a daily basis to their blood sugars. Continue reading “Type 2 diabetes is absolutely, definitely, certainly curable!!!”