If you are waiting till you look perfect, you will never get there!

Of course we all want a perfect body but guess how many of us will get one?  None!!!   Not even those who spend a small fortune (or large fortune!!) on surgery end up with perfect bodies.

Yet sub-consciously that is what many of us chase.

We are very hard on ourselves when we are dieting if we don’t stick perfectly to plan, berating ourselves, putting ourselves down and worst yet, giving up because we “can’t do it”.

We go into shops to buy an outfit and get upset that it doesn’t sit perfectly on the lumps and bumps or in that awful artificial light in the shop.

We dread going to our weight loss meetings in case we don’t lose as much as someone else. Continue reading “If you are waiting till you look perfect, you will never get there!”

Are you in a never-ending Cruise mentality?

Let me first explain what a Cruise mentality is.

I have had many clients over the years who come to me to lose weight so they can look good in their finest clothes and thoroughly enjoy a Cruise ship holiday.   All good so far.

The problem is those very same people put in 5 or 6 months of hard work to lose 3 or 4 stone (20 – 26 kgs) so that they can eat everything they can stuff into their bodies on an all inclusive 10 day cruise!!    Our brain’s say to us “you’ve paid for it, you might as well get your money’s worth”.    When the package includes alcohol, oh dear!!!!     Ironic – lose weight so that you can enjoy putting it on again. Continue reading “Are you in a never-ending Cruise mentality?”

It’s okay to be Smug! In fact it’s great!


Have you ever tried to put into words the amazing feeling you get when you stand on that scale and you weigh less than last week?      Awesome, proud, amazing, chuffed, relieved, empowered all come to mind but the word that seems to work best for a lot of people is smug.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable about it as the word has an air of arrogance and bragging.

I think its a great word to encompass everything.   It’s that brief moment when you can combine all those happy new emotions and put them all together.

So if you have lost some weight over the past few weeks, I’m giving you permission!    Go ahead and feel smug!    Whilst you are at it, update your journal with a list of everything you have achieved, everything that makes you feel really proud of yourself and highlight what you have learnt that is going to help you keep succeeding!

And from me, Congratulations!

Do you keep your weight secret or “massage” the numbers?

I once had a client tell me that she cuts all the labels out of any new clothes she buys.   When I asked why, she said she didn’t want her partner to know how big she was.   As the words came out of her mouth, she realised how crazy that was.    He partner “saw” her every day, clothed and unclothed, and  he didn’t need a label to know that she was overweight.   Nor did she.

I know of many, many people, females mainly who will absolutely not tell their partner what they weigh.   Why?   People do not form a relationship with you based on the number that little machine says you weigh.   They form the relationship based on you as a whole person.    If you don’t believe me, try telling your partner today how much you weigh and see what happens.   I guarantee they won’t die of shock.    It’s a little bit like the gay guy that comes out and says “I’m gay” and everyone replies “we knew that long ago”.

What most loving partners care about is that you are happy.   Some pretty overweight ladies exude confidence and sexiness – think of Dawn French –  that’s what people “feel” and are attracted to .   If you are not happy with your weight, take responsibility and change it but in the meantime, let go of the crazy pressure you are putting on yourself by thinking you will be rejected because of the “number”.

And by the way….. just in case the partner does decide to leave, they are not good enough for you!

Who are you hiding your Secret Eating from?


When you sneak into the kitchen really late at night or buy that chocolate on the way home from work and hide the wrapper in the car door, have you ever stopped to think about why you are hiding what you are doing?

Try and answer these questions;

  • Who are you hiding your “secret eating” from?
  • Why?

The only person you are actually fooling is yourself and the sad thing is, you are keeping yourself in a “shame cycle” (you eat because you feel ashamed which makes you feel awful so you eat which makes you feel more ashamed).   As long as you remain in a “shame cycle” you will never lose the weight!

Here’s a challenge for you.   Make a decision that from today there will be no more secret eating.   If you want to eat something, eat it in front of others and deal with the thoughts and feelings that come with it.   That’s how you escape and change your behaviour in a way that will benefit you.

We’ve all done them!!! Classic Diet Dilemmas….

Let’s have a giggle today and laugh at the silly things we do when trying to lose weight.

1 Before you get started, usually on a Monday!, you go out for “the last supper”. So let’s look at this logically. You are overweight and you say you don’t want to be. So you go out the night before you start a diet, eat rubbish which makes you even fatter and gives you more weight to lose!! Are you assuming that because you are going on a diet that you are not going to eat anything nice ever again? Hmmmmmm.

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