Learn to be Assertive with what is right for you! 10 ways to be Assertive.

If you are wondering what on earth I’m getting at, let me explain.   When you embark on any diet, you are going to have loads of people telling you what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what you need to wear, how much of this your must eat or drink, how much exercise you should do, when to stop, how you look etc etc etc.     If you listen to every one of them, you will be a totally confused bunch of anxiety with no idea of what direction to go in!!!

In the vast majority of overweight people, lack of self esteem and confidence is a given so they are not in an emotionally robust state to stand up to a lot of the comments.  Continue reading “Learn to be Assertive with what is right for you! 10 ways to be Assertive.”

Are you really sure you want to lose weight and gain health?

Over the years I have heard hundreds of people tell me that more than anything else in life they want to lose weight. They sob from the bottom of their hearts and say how much they hate being overweight and I can feel their sincerity.

Then when I suggest what they need to do, it’s a different story!

Let’s take diet drinks for example. Continue reading “Are you really sure you want to lose weight and gain health?”

Day 30 of 30 – You are in an Amazingly Powerful Place!

Congratulations!!!   You have made your health and body a priority for 30 days.   Aren’t you amazed how quickly it’s gone?   I wonder how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally?  (It would be lovely to hear from you on the forum.)     I hope you will spend a little time thinking about what you have learnt  and what has benefited you most!  Go through that list you wrote and tick off everything that has changed for the better… and allow yourself to feel  smug for a while!

I hope you’ll forgive me if I change the celebratory mood slightly and give you a warning.    When we have a set target such as a 30 day diet,  losing weight for a specific occasion like a wedding, a baby, or to get into a smaller outfit, we often lose complete focus once that goal has been achieved.   I know of people who lost 6 stone (38 kgs) to fall pregnant and within a year of the baby being born, have put it all back on!

Be careful of the “all or nothing” thinking ie.   I’ve been so good for 30 days, I deserve to let go and do whatever I want!     Sadly it’s much easier to put on weight than to lose it so I’d like to encourage you to pause for a while to think about where you want to go from here.

Your body is clean, is healthy, is working better than it has for a while and it would like you to keep going.     You have created some good habits.    Why not capitalise on all the benefits and keep the momentum going?    The next 30 days will be gone before you know it too!

Let us know what you decide!

Day 29 of 30 – Your reasons for starting may not be your reasons for finishing!

As you come to the end of your 30 day challenge, you should be feeling more “in control” than you did the day before you started.

Sometimes people wonder which came first – the out of control eating or the out of control life!   One thing is for sure, if your life feels chaotic and overwhelming, it’s very likely that your eating will feel chaotic and overwhelming.

The sad fact is that life is unfair.  Continue reading “Day 29 of 30 – Your reasons for starting may not be your reasons for finishing!”

Day 28 of 30 – 4th Weigh Day!


By today, you should be able to see and feel the physical difference in your body.    I hope other people have noticed and commented that you are looking good but if not, don’t worry!   People generally don’t notice until you have lost 2 stone (21kgs)  and whether people notice or not, don’t let it detract from what you have achieved!

I hope you are reaping all the rewards of feeling better, feeling stronger, sleeping well and having loads of energy.    Don’t forget to check over your original motivation list and tick off what you have achieved so far and perhaps add some new ones for the future.

Can I suggest you do your measurements and take another set of photographs today?  Continue reading “Day 28 of 30 – 4th Weigh Day!”

Day 27 of 30 – Waste to Waist?


Let me tell you a story about the 3 bananas.    It illustrates my point beautifully.

I had a client who after weeks of sticking to her program completely and losing weight well, lapsed with a few slices of banana bread.    Our session went something like this?

  • Me – So where were you and who were you with?
  • Client – I was at home on my own.
  • Me – Where did the banana bread come from?
  • Client – Oh I baked it!
  • Me – Was it for a special occasion?
  • Client – No – it was to use up the 3 bananas that were going to go rotten.
  • Me – Would it not have been better to ditch the bananas and save yourself the temptation?

Continue reading “Day 27 of 30 – Waste to Waist?”

Day 26 of 30 Feeling deprived can kill any diet.

Many people really struggle with a feeling of Deprivation when on a diet, often to the point where they will give up.     They find it really difficult to watch others eating food that they are “not allowed” and it instils feelings of “injustice” and a mindset of “it’s not fair”.

If you can identify with this, let’s have a straight talking heart to heart. Continue reading “Day 26 of 30 Feeling deprived can kill any diet.”

Day 25 of 30 – Stop those Demands. They don’t help you!


When you say things to yourself like “I have to stick to this diet”,  how do you feel?    Pressure!     Pressure is likely to make you give up!

Change that statement to “I choose to stick to this diet”, how does that feel?  Empowering huh!    A simple statement can literally be the difference between success and giving up!

You visit a friend for tea and with your cuppa, she offers a plate of your favourite biscuits and by default you reply “I shouldn’t“.     That feels like deprivation to me.    Now change it to, “I’d love a couple but I’m going to choose not too today”.    Doesn’t that feel awesome?

When you say “I neeeed“, it sounds like a desperate plead.    When you say “I choose“, it sounds like you are in control and have the power.

Remember that our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all linked.   If you can change the way you think to be more empowering and uplifting, you will build resilience and achieve your goals!

What unhelpful thoughts could you change for the better?



Day 24 of 30 – Lapse or Learning Opportunity?

If you’ve made it this far without a lapse, well done you!   Keep going and do share with us what has helped you keep your focus.

To start with, let me clarify that a Lapse is when you don’t do what you planned or intended to do.    It’s not the same as when you know you have a dinner in a week and you fully intend to break your diet for that night.

Let’s face it, if you have for example, 3 stone to lose, you are going to be on diet for a minimum of 3 months and it’s almost guaranteed that you will have a lapse at some stage.      They happen when; Continue reading “Day 24 of 30 – Lapse or Learning Opportunity?”

Day 23 of 30 – Don’t believe a word Social Media tells you!

Let’s be honest about this!     When you put something onto any social media, do you tell it like it is or do you try and put a positive slant on it?    Do you put the “real unabridged” photos up or do you use a little creative licence to get the light right, change the angles to hide the chins,  make sure you have loads of make up on and the hair looking perfect?

If you find yourself following Facebook or Instagram weight loss stories, do you find you often find yourself feeling “why am I not losing that fast?”  Continue reading “Day 23 of 30 – Don’t believe a word Social Media tells you!”