Tablets and Potions versus Real Food?

For most of my life I have been like most of you, believing that I could lose weight easily and magically by taking lotions and potions.    Two years ago when I had a parathyroid tumour removed and decided I wanted to dedicate myself to becoming healthy and hopefully as a side effect lose weight.   I did a huge amount of research and studying to find out what diet would be best for fibromyalgia as I knew from past experience with my many clients who had fibromyalgia that weight loss can be terribly slow, so I wanted to be prepared mentally for the tough times and know how to overcome them.

What I kept reading over and over again was that the last thing my body needed was anything “artificial or chemical” Continue reading “Tablets and Potions versus Real Food?”

Gut healing can help you lose weight!

Gut healing is a recent but really exciting area of exploration when it comes to weight loss.     There was a show on telly recently where they compared two identical twins, one who was slim and always had been, one who was obese and had been for all of her adult life.  They tested each twins’ poo to see what their gut bacteria looked like and they were very different.   They then took poo from the thin one and transferred it into the fat one and very quickly, the fat one started losing weight with minimal change to her diet!

Our digestive system needs a good balance of thousands, perhaps millions of different types of bacteria to break down food.   It can be knocked out of whack for various reasons; illness, a bad diet, anti-biotics, severe stress or even shock from a car accident.

There is more and more evidence coming out that shows a direct link between an unhealthy gut and auto-immune conditions like fibromyalgia, Continue reading “Gut healing can help you lose weight!”

If you want to join my confidential support group, here’s where to go…..

The purpose for me starting this blog is simply because I want to  help others.

I have learnt so much useful stuff over the past 25 years but my health no longer allows me to see the 50 face to face clients a week that I used to so this is a different way I can still keep my passion thriving whilst helping others.

Originally I wanted to have a forum on the blog because it could be anonymous and people who are losing weight generally don’t want all their friends on Facebook to know they are on diet let alone share personal feelings and pain. Continue reading “If you want to join my confidential support group, here’s where to go…..”

Is eating Breakfast making it harder to lose weight?

I know, I know.   It goes against everything that we have been told for all our lives!   But bear with me then make up your own mind!

Have you noticed that when you eat breakfast, you seem to be hungry all day?  Have you noticed that if you ignore breakfast, you can go for quite a while before you need any food and often its habit or your head that makes you eat, not hunger?

Have you ever wondered how we as humans started thinking we needed 3 meals a day?  Continue reading “Is eating Breakfast making it harder to lose weight?”

If you understand how Insulin works, you can use it to lose weight.

This is such an important concept to grasp.   If you can get this and make it a living reality, you will forever have what you need to help you lose weight and keep it off.

The body has two ways of getting the energy it needs; glucose and fat.   It prefers glucose because it’s very easy to access.   At any time there is only 4 grams  (that’s less than a teaspoon!) of glucose in your blood stream.  Continue reading “If you understand how Insulin works, you can use it to lose weight.”

Water Part 3 – the useful, practical and helpful bit!

If you have never been great at drinking water, you need to address it like any other habit.    You develop a good habit by initially paying a huge amount of attention to it, recording it and perhaps setting alarms to remind yourself.  After a little time, you will start recognising signals that tell you that you are thirsty and will start to naturally reach for the water.    After a little more time, you will instinctively make it a priority, you will carry water, plan for it on outings, have it next to your bed and drink without even thinking about it.    Your body becomes used to processing say 1 litre, then you can build it up and the body adapts to that, and so on.

It’s important for you to know that as mentioned in Part 1, when your body doesn’t get enough water, it stores it (water retention) because it doesn’t trust you!   Then you start being good and giving it plenty of water every day, it takes a couple of weeks before it will trust you, so it keeps storing the water and whilst you may go to the loo more often, it does not balance with what’s going in.  You may even find your weight tough to budge.    After about 2 or 3 weeks, the body decides it trusts you and it lets go of all the excess water it’s been holding.    Whoooooosh!!!   What’s coming out totally exceeds what’s going in for a few days and then…… it balances out.   Your body has found a happy place and it’s your job to keep it there.

If you have previously found your liquids through cordials, fruit juice or fizzy drinks including the diet variety,  you are going to find it tough converting to water because you have an addiction.    Go cold turkey.   Cut out your usual drink, understand you are going to have withdrawals for a few days but persevere.   By Day 4, you will start feeling so much better, you will start looking forward to the water.

Other liquids like coffee and tea can be counted as part of your daily intake but… coffee and tea both have caffeine which is dehydrating.   If you are drinking 8 cups of full caff coffee a day, your body is not going to be happy or lose weight as efficiently.

Try changing to decaff coffee and tea.  They don’t stimulate insulin as much, they don’t dehydrate you, they won’t mimic the body’s stress response and they will allow you a better quality of sleep.

Try Red Bush (Rooibos) tea.    Redbush tea (only grown in and indigenous to South Africa), is fabulous!    It has no caffeine, has loads of benefits besides being hydrating and aiding weight loss.   It’s a bit of an acquired taste but give it 3 days, you’ll be longing for your next cup.   It tastes better without milk which is helpful if, like me, you’re a tea-aholic and can’t bear the thought of it without milk.

There a loads of great Apps which will remind you to drink and where you can record how much you’ve had.

Experiment with how you like water.    Some people like it ice cold, I like it from the tap, topped up with a dash of boiling water, some like it with a slice or two of lemon, some prefer sparkling.     Find what feels best for you and you will be more tempted to drink it.

On top of that, experiment with ways of making water a priority.   I used to have a 1.5 litre bottle on my desk and another at home.  I would drink every time I noticed the bottles and would ensure I finished both by the time I went to bed.    Some of my clients would have loads of little bottles which they stored in the boot of the car.   There are fabulous re-fillable bottles on the market where you can mark off how many top-ups you’ve had.    Measure it until it’s an unconscious habit.

Many gurus recommend drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss.    It may sound dreadful but I started with a tablespoon in a pint of fizzy water and now I cannot drink my water without it.   I enjoy it so much, if I went to a pub with friends, I’d actually choose that over a glass of wine! (if they served it!).

How much water do you need?   Please be reminded I am not a medical person.   I see this purely through personal experience and the experience of the many people who I have watched go through the weight loss process.    Usually we are told 6-8 glasses per day which is about 2 litres.    In my opinion, that’s for people at a “normal weight”.   If you are overweight, and the kidneys need water to flush out fat, I believe we need more.   I usually drink between 3 and 4 litres per day.

If you get annoyed that you are constantly on the loo, think to yourself “I’m peeing out fat, I’m peeing out fat”, and you will feel less annoyed!   There is a saying that if you are not waking to go to the loo at night, you are not drinking enough water.  (for weightloss).

Yes, you absolutely can drink too much water and it can be dangerous and even deadly.    The key is to drink smaller amounts consistently during the day rather than huge amounts all at once.   If you find you are feeling dizzy and light headed, you may be depleting yourself of minerals and should take a little bit of salt, preferably sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt.   A tip of a teaspoon in your water bottle may be helpful or adding extra salt to your food for a while.

I hope you’ve found this helpful but more importantly, I hope you start drinking more water and notice the benefits!

Water Part 2 – which organs need water and why….

When we look specifically at wanting to lose weight, there are a few organs that play a significant role.   If you understand what they do and how to look after them, you can help yourself lose weight more efficiently.

The Liver.   The liver probably plays the biggest role in weight loss.  It has over 250 functions of which part is to help you lose weight by;  storing and producing energy, creating bile for the gall bladder, processes vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling good and it converts fat to energy.    Without water, the liver becomes sluggish and can’t give you energy and break down the fat to be passed out the body.

The Gall Bladder.    Ever wondered why so many people who have lost and gained loads of weight have problems with their gall bladders?   It’s a critical organ for weight loss!  The Gall Bladder stores bile which helps to break down fat which is essential for you to lose weight.   The body needs water to create the bile.

The Kidneys.   The kidneys process all the waste from your body and get rid of it.   When fat cells are broken down, they leave toxic residues which must be flushed from your body.  That’s the actual “weight” you are losing.   The kidneys need plenty of water to do the flushing!

The Pancreas.   The pancreas regulates Insulin and one of Insulin’s jobs is to store fat!!!   It sorts out the 4 teaspoons of sugar you need and converts the rest to fat!    It also produces an alkaline solution to counter the excess acid that causes acid reflux.   So if you struggle with heartburn and indigestion, drinking lots more water could help you.    This is an important organ to keep happy and hydrated if you want to lose weight.

The Intestines.    Water in the digestive system helps to keep your gut bacteria healthy which will improve any bloating, constipation and the best absorbtion of vitamins and minerals.

I hope your eyes have been opened to why your body needs that water.  Tomorrow, we will look at some helpful ways to bring water into your life to the point that you drink enough without even thinking about it.


No excuse is a good excuse.

When people mention your weight, do you hear yourself saying “I’ve got PCOS”, “I’ve got an underactive thyroid” etc etc as if that gives you an excuse to remain overweight?

I’m not preaching from my perch here – I have fibromyalgia  and more recently a parathyroid tumour and I’ve struggled terribly with losing my weight!     For the first time in 20 years I was 100% sticking to healthy, real, home cooked food every day as well as exercising, yet some clients were losing at twice the rate I was so I know what it’s like! Continue reading “No excuse is a good excuse.”

14 of 30 – Is it a whooop whoooop Weigh day?

Well let me start by asking 2 things; Are you still with us? Have you lost 1lb or more? If the answer is Yes to both, Congratulations!!!Yes, but” I hear some of you starting. No BUTS!!!! You are still here and you’ve lost more than one pound, so something has changed for the better and that’s a positive result. Now the key is what to do with it! Jump to my third paragraph.

If the answer is no, I presume you will be doing what you “normally” do – berate yourself, feel ashamed, angry and contemplate giving up. How about changing that unproductive, trapping cycle of thoughts? Continue reading “14 of 30 – Is it a whooop whoooop Weigh day?”