Welcome to the forum.   This is a safe and anonymous space for you to pour your heart out, ask for help, share what works for you and offer support and care to others who are in the same boat as you!

I will be as active as time permits and will try and reply individually but need you to understand that it would be unethical and unfair of me to do “counselling” in this space.  I cannot possibly help you the way you deserve when not seeing you face to face, knowing all the relevant information and keeping full records.

If I suspect someone has a deeper problem that should be dealt with elsewhere,  I will suggest they contact me offline to recommend or refer.

What I will offer is “coaching”.    In case you don’t know the difference, counselling looks back and can bring up major issues where coaching is about moving forward.  You decide what you want to achieve – the coach helps you get there.

The rules that apply;

  1.                  Always be respectful and kind.   
  2.                 Do not mention the name of the diet you are doing. 

End of!   Thank you and let’s help each other find our happy bodies!