Is a round of applause for every pound lost helping me?

Think carefully about what kind of support is right for you and what will keep you motivated. The structure of a weekly weigh in with the right person is invaluable for motivation and accountability.

When it comes to support, if you go to a group where they clap for every pound lost, that implies that for that week you have been “good”. So what happens in the weeks when you have stuck to the program 100%, expect to have lost a couple of pounds but instead you’ve stayed the same or put on? Hmmmm. No Clap…. Does this mean you are “bad”. It certainly makes a lot of people feel that way and when added to their feelings of disappointment and confusion, often results in …. overeating! And so the cycle continues.

Perhaps a well trained counsellor who shows no reaction either way will benefit you more.

Prepare for tough times.

We often resort to food, drink, drugs etc to mask feelings we don’t want to deal with. Understand at the outset that you are going to need to deal with uncomfortable feelings in a different way. Instead of being afraid of it, embrace it. Keep a journal of each difficult patch you encounter and how you overcame it.