If you keep procrastinating, you’ll never get there.

Are you a procrastinator?   I have a little plaque that says “Please help me not to put off until tomorrow what I should have done the day before yesterday”.    Hmmmm.    It affects people who need to lose weight a lot!

What is it that you are waiting for?

  • A time when you have no functions coming up?
  • A time when you are stress free?
  • A time when your parents are not ill?
  • A time when you have no holidays planned?
  • A time when the kids have left home and you have more time for you?
  • A time when you feel better?

The truth of the reality is that there will never be a right time.   There will always be obstacles in your way.    You can never clear the time ahead to provide you with what you need.

If you are feeling unhealthy and unhappy, the very best time for you to get started is right now. Continue reading “If you keep procrastinating, you’ll never get there.”

If you don’t take responsibility, nothing can or will ever change.

I watched a program today about really obese people trying to change their lives for the better.  It was very enlightening but also pretty sad to be honest as I could very quickly identify those that would succeed and those who would make no progress at all… and it’s all to do with taking responsibility.

To start off with, every single one of them shared their reasons for becoming so overweight.   If you haven’t heard me saying it before, you may be shocked to know that I don’t believe any person becomes overweight because they are “greedy”.   The need to overeat, and eat the wrong things is a symptom but never a cause.

These people had become overweight through a mother feeding her daughter take aways because she was working 3 jobs and simply too exhausted, grief, divorce, the loss of a job, abuse, addiction and some ignorance.   All of these are understandable reasons for triggering overweight.  Continue reading “If you don’t take responsibility, nothing can or will ever change.”

Did you spot the not so deliberate error with my Discipline?

Think about this logically.   If you have 3 stone (20 kgs) to lose, it’s going to take at the very least 3 months to lose it.     What are the chances that there will be days when you don’t feel like staying on track, are distracted by friends, family and events, days when you feel a bit meh or sick, or days when  work or the kids make you so stressed you want to eat a house?

Very high huh?

In the beginning, you will have less days when sticking to your program is a breeze than difficult days.    So what do you need to succeed?


Discipline is about being really organised.    The chances are you are feeding more than just you so you not only have to think about you and your dieting needs but also the rest of them who, no doubt, will be wanting to eat all sorts of things that you can’t!   I recommend to my clients that they make life as easy as possible!   Stick to cooking meals where you can select what you are happy to eat and let the family have their usuals.   ie.   you have meat and above ground veggies, they can have the potatoes and gravy as well.   You have the bacon and eggs, they can have the hash browns and toast too.

Discipline is about planning.    You not only have to plan your food, what you and the family will be eating for each meal and therefore what food to buy, you need to plan for emergencies and unexpected events too.    Always have bottles of water in the boot of your car and portable food with you for the times you may be stuck at a hospital appointment for too long, for when a colleague brings cake into the office, for if the car breaks down.   Always have something safe to keep you going.    If you are going to a restaurant, google the menu in advance and check to see that they will cater for your needs.   Figure out in advance what you are going to say to your mother at Sunday lunch when she insists you eat the pudding she has spent so much time making “especially for you” (whilst telling you that you need to lose weight!!).  Think about how you will handle the time in the hotel when at the business conference.    The more you can plan in advance, the more you are likely to stick to your program and keep the weight coming off.

Discipline is about Keeping on Keeping On.     I can guarantee you that your weight loss will not go as anticipated.   There will be times that you are surprised at how much you lose and times when it seems frustrating slow.   The body does things in its own time.   Learning to be disciplined is about dealing with the varied emotions in an emotionally mature way and keeping going no matter how tough it gets, no matter what nasty comments are said to you, no matter how disappointed you feel.   You simply get up tomorrow and keep going.

Discipline is about Doing things you Never thought you Could or Would.   Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am “allergic” to exercise.  Since my knee ops at 27 and the fibro pain that has accompanied it started, I have dreaded exercise because a) it’s painful and b) if I do too much (and it’s very hard to know what too much is), it causes a fibro flare up which takes ages to go.     I also know logically that if I want to be as healthy as possible, I need to exercise so I started very gently with power assisted exercise.   I cried the first time I did it because in my head, I thought I would never be able to do exercise again.     Think about some of the things you feel you could never give up; drinking milk in your tea, having wine every night or at least every weekend, not having dessert after Sunday lunch, not stopping at McDonalds on a long trip.   You won’t believe how great you will feel and how much it will benefit your weight when you cut it out of your life.

If you were wondering what the deliberate error title is all about, it’s because for the first time since I started this blog, I missed putting up a post at 8.30 am my time for 2 days in a row.   A lack of Discipline!    Ok, I haven’t felt very well but just like dieting, I need to push past that, push myself out of my comfort zone, get back on the horse and be a good example!




Have you got the Monday Morning Morbs?

If you have climbed on the scale this morning and find yourself feeling really disappointed, gutted, annoyed, frustrated and puzzled because your weight has not dropped enough, this post is especially for you!

We all know this feeling.    Gosh, I’ve had clients who have lost 3lbs in a week feel this way so it is very common and it is very normal.   The problem is that it’s not very helpful!!  So is there something else you can do?   Absolutely.  Change your Behaviour!

The problem with losing weight is that we tend to become pretty obsessive and the diet tends to rule our life.   We do all the hard work during the week in anticipation of that little number which becomes our reward or retribution on Monday morning. Continue reading “Have you got the Monday Morning Morbs?”

Happy Mother’s Day – have you helped or hindered?

If your Mum isn’t overweight, this doesn’t apply to you but if she is, it does!

If your Mum is overweight and trying to lose weight, why would you give her chocolates?   It’s something we all do because we think we are being kind.  But actually, how kind is it giving a person something that is going to take them away from their goals?     Please don’t be offended.   This is something every person does, including me but it is worth examining it and more to the point, seeing if there is something better and more meaningful we could give instead.

I heard an advert today which said “Give her chocolates and you give her love”.  Its a great marketing line which induces guilt!!    It implies that chocolate and lose are intrinsically linked which of course is absolute rubbish.   Of course we love the uplifting scientifically proved “buzz” we get from chocolate but it’s not helpful to shove a box of chocolates in front of someone who is trying very hard to avoid them.

It’s what is known as a nurturing parent ego state and while the intention is good, the result can be very destructive.    Think of the mother who every time the child goes to the doctor or dentist and is “good”, gives them a sweet.   That child learns that when they are “good”, they need a reward which is sweet.  Think of the mother who despite knowing their child is overweight, keeps feeding them McDonalds, biscuits and cake to avoid the child’s tantrums or tears.   That child learns that whenever they are upset or when life is not going their way, that food will fix it.  Think of the mother who tells the child to “eat everything on your plate.   Think of the starving children in Africa”.   The child learns to feel guilty if their plate is not cleared.      This is how childhood learnings become automatic adult behaviours that keep us overweight.

You giving your mother who is overweight a box of chocolates does the same thing.  When you love someone, you put their needs before your own.

Instead of associating Mother’s Day with food, you could give your mum flowers, a great magazine and bubble bath to encourage her to take time out and relax, a walk just with you in a special place in nature and have a deep meaningful conversation, a great book, a voucher for her to get a makeover.  What Mum really needs is relaxation, encouragement, care and the support of a child who recognises how much losing weight means to her.

Don’t sit on your pity potty for too long!

Before I became a counsellor, I used to think my life story was unusually bad. I thought it was pretty dramatic and awful and that few others would have been through what I’ve been through. Since becoming a counsellor, I’ve realised that the vast majority of the population have been through trauma, hurt, rejection, unhappy childhoods, loss, physical and mental illness and to be honest, some of the stories I’ve heard have been horrendous! My story pales in comparison. I’ve discovered there are very few people who have had the idyllic childhood and life that social media likes to pretend they have.

We all need to be really heard and understood. Expressing our emotions and talking about the past is healing and allows us to clear the slate to move forward in a more emotionally healthy way. But staying in what has happened to you is disempowering, removes your purpose for living and keeps you stuck. As a treasured friend once told me, “Don’t sit on your pity potty too long, you’ll get welts“. Sympathy encourages you to stay in a position of inactivity where empathy says, I hear you, I feel your pain, but now it’s time to pull yourself together and move on, because I know you can.

Some interesting facts about sugar, carbohydrates and diet.

Here are a few interesting facts about sugar and carbohydrates which hopefully will help you figure out how to use the information to help you lose weight.

There are 56 different types of sugar.    Most of the names end in “ose”.

Our bodies get their energy to survive from two sources; sugar (or glucose) and fat.   If you decrease the amount of sugar going in, the body will convert the fat on your body to energy.

Sugar is generally measured two ways – in calories (or energy) and in sweetness.  Sweeteners have calories but because their sweetness level is so much higher than sugar, you need far less to get the same effect and so the amount of calories becomes negligible.

When you read a nutrition label, it usually shows Carbs first and just under says “of which sugars” and another reading.     Carbohydrates are made up of sugar, fibre and starch.    The combination of the 3 is known as Gross Carbs and just the sugar is known as Net Carbs.

Sugar is not an “essential” nutrient.   We don’t need to eat it every day because  our bodies get the right type of sugar from our vegetables and fruit.    It can also convert protein and the fat on our bodies into sugar.

Our bodies only need 4 grams of glucose (which is a sugar) in our bloodstream at any time to live.   Anything over that will be stored as glycogen … or converted to fat!

Nature was incredibly clever when she made natural sugar.   She combined it with fibre as in sugar cane, fruit, vegetables, sugar beet etc.   The fibre is essential to stop the body being flooded with too much sugar.    It’s far better to have sugar in its natural form with the fibre than separated as in refined sugar and fruit juices as the body can’t cope and will eventually cause illness.

The lactose in milk is a sugar.   You may be shocked to know there is less lactose or sugar in full fat milk than in low fat.   There is less sugar in cream than in milk!   It’s the combination of fat and sugar together that makes you put on weight.    If you are a coffee or tea-aholic and drink milk in it, try cutting that milk out for a week and see what happens to your weight.

In any food manufacturing process, when they reduce fat, they increase the sugar content because fat = flavour.    This is why low fat yoghurt is usually very high in sugar.

When you read food labels, the most important thing to check is the sugar level.   If you want to lose weight, don’t eat anything with more than 10 grams net sugar per 100 grams, preferably keep it below 5 grams.

On a keto diet, they recommend you stick to less than 20grams of net carbs (sugar) per day.    On low carb or Banting they aim for about 30 grams of net carbs a day.    A banana has 31 grams of net carbs.

Next time you are shopping, pick up a ready made diet meal and check the amount of carbs and sugar.  Remembering what I’ve said in the paragraph above, I think you may be surprised.

I am constantly shocked that people think we actually need carbohydrates to live … in fact the government even tells us that.   Yes we need carbs but not the refined ones.   Think about the caveman or cultures like inuits or the masai in Kenya (who are famous for long distance running).   Cakes, sweets, biscuits, bread, fruit juices etc were never part of their diets.    They survived, and thrived, on meat, milk, blood, roots and berries.   We were designed to get the glucose we need from fruit, vegetables and protein.   If you don’t believe me, try it for two weeks.   I’ll wager you will lose weight and feel fantastic!


There’s only one thing you need to focus on!

I heard this expression today for the first time and it was related to Brexit.  Yes, Brexit has even managed to invade our little weight loss support blog!!!

As soon as I heard it, it made me think of some of the clients I have had over the years who start off on their diet and then become very distracted.   They become really interested and engrossed in the program they are doing, start doing research, join social media groups, buy recipe books, read up on tips that other people have tried and constantly look for other things they can try.

You may think that’s a good thing and for some people it is Continue reading “There’s only one thing you need to focus on!”

Are you a serial weigher?

I thought I would share with you some interesting thoughts about weighing so here goes.

An expert once told me the only accurate day for a woman to weigh is first thing, after your first wee, on day 2 of your period.   So that means once every 28 days if you’re lucky!

Men can weigh any day but obviously the time of day etc should all be comparable.   Men will lose weight at about double the rate of women.   This is normal and natural because their muscle structure is different.    They will also put on at double the rate!

Weight on average can vary by abt 5lbs to 6lbs between morning Continue reading “Are you a serial weigher?”

It’s okay to be a pea out of a pod!

We human beings are strange things.    We like to conform, to fit in, to be the same, to feel we belong.   And yet, every single one of us is completely unique!   Imagine that – not even identical twins are identical!   Just like snowflakes, every single one of us has our own unique characteristics that I think we should embrace.

I’ve always loved people who are “different”, slightly whacky or eccentric and you often find they are the ones who are incredibly creative or ridiculously intelligent like Albert Einstein.    Think of all the advances that would not have happened in this world if it wasn’t for the weirdo’s!

I want to encourage you to embrace your uniqueness, Continue reading “It’s okay to be a pea out of a pod!”